Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

Today my husband Russell and I celebrated 17 years of Marriage... Has been a great day too. In the morning I was greeted with a wonderful poem that he wrote me. It was two A4 pages long... Was wonderful how he went over our years together... We have certainly had our ups and downs but I know that I would not want to be anywhere else. That is for sure. :)

I was also allowed a sleep in and didn't surface again till nearly midday. How wonderful is that. Thanks boys for being quiet. :) Mum needed that sleep. Have not been sleeping well at all for the last two weeks so was very welcome.

We then went to go out for lunch at Glengallan House but we locked ourselves out and didn't get back into our house for two hours... Luckily we have good friends that helped out and we ended up going into town to get keys cut for spares... We also got some lunch at Mussel's which was yummy as always. Then some quick fruit shopping and back to pick up the boys.

They are going out to a circus tonight, it has come to town. Parked at the back of our local pub. How cool is that. Lisa and Russell are taking the boys and we will watch a movie while they are gone. Then all kids, our boys and their two friends will come and have a sleepover tonight. :)

Won't hear them much as last Thursday a new version of Pokemon came out so their heads will be in their DS lite anyway. Awwww to be a kid again.

Now don't forget that tonight is Earth Hour from 8:30pm. All our power will be going off. Nothing new for us but doing it all the same. :)

Cheers Damaris

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Adam Campbell said...

Congrats to you and the Professor - a lovely couple of lovers :) Miss you both, Adam