Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest Power Bill Adventures...

I can't believe it but I totally forgot to write about my goings on with our latest Electricity bill... Well here it is...

We had our new digital meter put in two weeks before we had our reading done and I knew our bill should be around $175 for the last quarter. I got my bill and nearly had a heart attack. It was $212.15. What the????

So I went over my meter readings, which I do every day at 7am and found that the meter reading they had for my old meter was out by 200kWh. I read my meter as the technician was just about to take it out and replace it with the digital one so I knew that my reading was correct. With this information I called Ergon to see why I was out that amount of hours...

The lady was every so helpful I must say. She was soooo lovely. She rang the Depot in Warwick and yes they had put down the correct reading on the paper but when it was transferred into the computer system, human error made it 200kWh more. Problem solved. The bill was cancelled and a new one was issued. This time it was $174.50. Woohoo. That is much more like it.

It did get me thinking though. There are allot of meters being replaced in Australia at the moment with the surge of solar panels going on roofs. How many of these people read their meters? Not many I would suspect... So how many are potentially being overcharged due to human error. I am glad that I saved my family this money and that I was on the ball.

Needless to say I will continue to read my meter every day at 7am. :)

Cheers Damaris

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