Friday, March 5, 2010

Visiting the Hansen's

Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam and I count Damaris as one of my best friends. We have only known each other a short period, but in this time I have become one of the extended family! I work in Brisbane and love coming out to the country to spend time with Damaris and her wonderful family.

It's funny you know, city life is fun and exciting but at times can be very impersonal and busy. I think about my morning ritual of donning my iPod earphones and riding in the cramped train to the City and then walking to work, doing the same in reverse coming home. Not very social.

Things in the country are so much more personal. I love being part of Damaris' family - game nights are especially fun as there is no TV reception out this way. When was the last time you played a game with your family? It reminds me of my childhood - everyone laughing and having a good time around the kitchen table. Coming here reminds me of what is important in life.

Damaris is my "greenie" friend in the country - she comes up with so many usefull tips to save time and money -and I love reading her blog each week to keep in touch with what's going on. This is going to be more important to us both now as I have accepted a promotion and a move to Melbourne. I think in a funny way, she inspired my decision to trade in my gas guzzler X Trail and replace it with a more eco-friendly Prius. Gosh I love that car!

I have embraced No Technology Day and I am working on No Electricity Day (this will certainly be challenging in Victoria - but I will try!) and I think these things help bring families together. Simple sometimes is good.

Sorry, just got cuddled to death my the pillow monster (aka Joshua). He is a good cuddler too - just like his Mum. Joshua calls me his big brother - our relationship is built on being a pain in the bum to each other - a job I love to do all the time! Mabybe this says something about my personality - but I like to think my inner child gets a good workout. We enjoy just "hanging" with each other - he loves to beat my pants in Uno (I will win one day!). According to Josh, I am funny (I think in a comedy sort of way, not the strange way) and he loves to randomly tickle me in my belly button - which results in me screaming like a girl. Good times!

Timbo has taught me all about Halo ( this is a computer game where you get to shoot lots of weird things at weird people - it looks way too complicated for me) and rocks and stuff. His completely random comments make me giggle at times, but he has an amazing ability to recall things. Building a friendship with Timbo has taken time, but we understand each other now, and I think he enjoys having me around when I visit (this is a good sign for someone with Asperger's and makes me feel special too!)

I will certainly miss my time with the Hansen family, this weekend is my last chance to spend time with my dear friends in Maryvale. Sure, I will definitely visit in the future, but a 20 hour drive from Melbourne poses more challenges than the 90 minute drive I do at the moment.

So I am now counting my blessings that I have become a part of the Hansen family and all the goodness that comes with this privilege. And yes, I will miss them as much as my own family when I go.

Good bye and God Bless.

Adam :)


Anonymous said...

Country life sure sounds appealing now! You seem to have a good friend in Adam.

Love catching up with whats going on.....keep blogging!

Damaris said...

Yes the whole family agrees that we do have a wonderful friend in Adam. We will miss him terribly and also not being able to just get our Adam fix whenever we need it. :)

I will keep blogging don't worry, is such a great way for me to document what happens to us on a daily basis.

Cheers Damaris