Thursday, March 18, 2010

Timothy's Room is done...

Displaying a small amount of his gems, rocks and minerals...

Must have lots of pillows... lol

Wow, how clean is that???

I have been doing his room for a while now. Little by little... Only problem is that there was so much dust in there that I kept giving up. Russell was kind enough last weekend to get all the stuff out of his room and off the floor so that I could slowly keep going. But with a more steady 'have a go' attitude. Well it worked and the end result has been fantastic.

I love his room and Timothy does as well. He keeps commenting on how beautiful it is. I am glad as an Asperger's boy it was very, very hard for him to let me in there in the first place. He wanted everything the way it was for the last six months but that just was not happening anymore. On the other hand I am glad that I did take my time in the end as he saw the little progress that I would make each day and get used to it that way, in his own way.

The last two days have had the most dramatic changes and I am glad that he has responded to the changes as well as he did. He is growing up, my boy...

I am also very proud of him for listening to me about where things go and what he needs to do in order for the room to stay in the condition that he now loves. He also loves to spend time in there now which is nice to see. :)

I am sooooo determined not to let it get the other way again. I think also that he is as well as he could see the huge difference it made. It was also great to go through the whole room, from top to bottom and redo it as though he had just moved in. Was very refreshing to do. Charity is also very happy with me. :)

Cheers Damaris

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