Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dermal Piercing update...

Bit of blood showing but popped out really easily...

Well it has not even been in for two weeks and last night at midnight it came out... I had my nails done yesterday afternoon and forgot to cover it. That and the fact that I knocked it half out when building a fire in the morning had infected it. I could feel the pain and it was swelling pretty badly... I ended up having to take three Panadol just to get rid of the throbbing... I was up for an hour in the middle of the night, sorting out paperwork in the end till the pain subsided and I ended up sleeping well for the rest of the night.

Didn't cover it. How silly of me is that... $75 down the drain. Never mind. I have decided that once it heals will try again. Not in that spot this time though... I will come up with another spot... Stay tuned. :)

Next time I am in Toowoomba and able to get to that shop is not till middle of July so will see by then if I have come up with some sort of solution to my 'dilemma'. lol

Cheers Damaris

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