Friday, June 11, 2010

The things kids get excited about...

Boys' Pokewalkers

So there I was minding my own business, serving dinner when the boys were discussing how many steps they had taken during the day and how many points they had in total... Yep, they were talking Pokemon stuff. With the last couple of versions that have just come out not long ago, they all came with a Pokewalker. You clip it on your pants and then take steps. Depending on how many you have you can then trade the points in for certain things that they could then get in the game.

Don't ask me how it all works but it does... The boys were really chuffed to find out that for the first time they both had exactly the same amount... That doesn't happen, it just doesn't. :)

The number they both had last night??? 9999. This morning they both went over the 10000 and quickly put the points onto their DS game so that they don't lose the points... Kids, you gotta love them and man that technology... Leaves me for dead... Give me a game of Rummy any day. hehe

Cheers Damaris

PS. So what do you think of the new layout??? I am not much for change but thought this one looked kinda nice. :)


Donna said...

Love the colors! Nice and cheery.

Donna said...

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