Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting stuff done...

Major rearranging has been done at the base of the pantry...

My vacuum cleaner finally has a home. :) (behind the ironing board)

The smaller Toy box that is left...

This was binned... :) :)

This week's challenge was do declutter the pantry and the toy box, amongst other things...

In the pantry I got rid of a 150 litre container of bottles that had lovingly been collected over the years but not used for the last four so out they went. Into the recycling bin which is being picked up tomorrow morning. :)

I also rearranged the other side of my pantry so that now I have the vacuum cleaner packed away and the ironing board is not in the road. I hate having it in there but there is no room elsewhere... So now it is nicely tucked away and I can get to my shelves much easier. :)

The toy box went from a 150 litre container to 95. I am sooo happy about that one as it was causing me stress having it in the lounge room area all the time. Now the Lego is in its old container still but under Joshua's bed. Timothy has another large container now to put more of his rocks into which works out well for him as well. And it is out of my life so to speak. Win, win I say. :)

So yesterday and today has been very successful... Also got rid of another seven towels that have been with me since I married Russell 17 years ago. They can go to another home for sure. :) Another blanket also gone, don't tell Timothy it is his favourite but it is sooooo frayed it just has to go. He is not home right now so will put it in my car for charity now while he is not here. :)

Tomorrow is all about the Tupperware cupboard and my walk in robe. :) I can't wait for Russell to come home at the end of the week and he finds an actual place to put his suitcase and not just dump it when he walks in... It will have its own special place. :)

Cheers Damaris

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