Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miracles do happen...

Timothy's first knot, EVER. :)

This morning Timothy was attempting to help Joshua rekindle the fire... Joshua wanted him to make knots in large pieces of newspaper as that way it lasts longer in the fire... Well the problem with that is that Timothy doesn't know how to tie knots. I know nearly 13 1/2 and still can't do it. It's an Aspy thing. Trust me. :)

Anyway this morning, Joshua got him settled enough so that he could show him how to do it... And what do you know he did it. :) I am such a proud mum right now I must say. My youngest taught the oldest how to tie a knot. From the picture you can probably tell that it was not a good one but it is there. Yes it is clumsy but again, it is there... Hopefully he might tie his own shoes soon... That would be nice... Have not had any shoes with laces for years as it caused too much grief but things are looking up. :) :)

Am so proud of my little one for having the patience first thing in the morning and for my big one for taking such a huge step. Woooohoooooo

Cheers Damaris

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Donna said...

How wonderful,what a great day for you all!