Saturday, August 22, 2009

And then there were five... Ducks that is...

Ducks coping well...

After sending the gander off to ducky heaven yesterday I wondered how the other five would cope with the loss of such a bossy boots. Need not have worried. They are settling down fine.

One problem that I have seen since is that the other left over gander is now doing what the recently departed one did and is menacing the goose as she tries to sit on her eggs. She is sitting on five now we think. She keeps adding to her brood. Hope she hatches them all out. Chucky is very protective of her and she is doing a great job.

The left over gander is only chasing her at dusk time so for the next little while, Joshua and I have our job cut out for us to shut the ducks in a little early so that he doesn't start on Daisy again. Hope he grows out of the habit that he picked up from the other one.

Have not gotten any duck eggs for the last two days either so am hoping that they will start laying again soon. Love the duck eggs. They are soooo nice. The boys love them as well. Anyway am off to make some custard for dessert. Boys love that. So do I.

Cheers Damaris

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