Thursday, August 6, 2009

Operation time...

Went to Ipswich Hospital yesterday to see what the results were from my MRI on my hand from three weeks ago. The result was that I don't have Keinboeck Disease, which is great. Would mean allot of more difficult surgery than just getting rid of the ganglion in my wrist.

The doctor I saw was so nice and straight away booked me in to have the surgery done. I am so glad that they have come to the decision that they will operate after me driving to and from hospital a total of 12 hours, an ultrasound, a X-ray and MRI and initial interview. I should have the day surgery within a couple of months. We will see about that one but am glad that it is coming out all the same.

On other things, used only 0.6kWh yesterday which I am really happy about for one of our best Low Electricity Wednesday's. Proud of the boys' effort in helping make it as low as possible. Love the candle light dinners and getting around the house with candles. Milked with a torch last night. It is always funny watching Lorray trying to find her bucket of grain and cotton seeds... lol

Lavender is also now only 3.5 weeks away from dropping her first calf. I am rather excited and don't really care whether it is a male or female. Either way it will go in the freezer anyway. Sausage has also grown allot. Amazing what all that Lucerne hay is doing to him. lol

I also got 4 new point of lay chooks this week. They are not the black ones that I really wanted. They are still coming in a few more weeks. These ones are just the brown and white ones and they are settling in nicely. I also have a little bantam laying in one of the nesting boxes. Can't figure out which one it is though. The baby chicks that I got a while back from the Pig and Calf are also growing. Have only got six left in the doggy house as the others were ready to be introduced to the rest of the flock. Have had one of my guinea fowl run up to our neighbour's block and hope it comes back. That was three days ago so am thinking it might not happen but I am an optimist.

Our guinea pigs are still 8 in total. Hope they have some babies soon. I am getting tired of waiting. lol

Well that is a quick update of what has been happening around here. Am glad that Russell is coming home tonight... Missing him. Been one long week.

Cheers Damaris

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