Sunday, August 30, 2009

Small Farm Magazing, October Edition...

Lorray being milked, tonight...

Had a phone call from our bovine breeder today and Judith asked me if I had any photos of me milking Lorray. I said that I had some that were from a distance but that Russell could take some more of me milking her tonight. Well he did and I sent off two photos.

Judith is doing an advert in the Small Farm Magazine's October Edition and I am going to be in it as well. I am rather stoked really. The reason the picture is going in is because apparently it is rather unusual to be able to just put down a bucket of grain and start milking without a halter and/or leg rope. I must admit when Lorray first started being milked I used both but stopped after about a week as she didn't seem to like it all that much. I didn't either.

As soon as we dispensed with the practice all has been great since. She just stands there for me and lets me do what I need to in order to relieve the pressure in the udder... lol

She is a good girl too. I milk her once a day now just on dusk and still walk away with about four litres of milk. Sausage is still naughty and trying to get some of the grain, which Lorray is not having any bar of. He thinks she should share, being his mum and all. She thinks he should be happy with his lucerne hay. So do I for that matter. So either Russell or Joshua stands guard for me to ensure that I can keep milking her without the calf upsetting her.

Lorray also keeps leading Lavender up the top end of the paddock at the moment. That is where she gave birth and she knows Lavender is about to do the same thing. Lavender is due on Tuesday, 1.9.09. We had been hoping that she would drop her calf while Russell was home for the weekend but this has not happened. Her udder is rather full and it will happen soon that's for sure.

I will have to watch Lorray once Lavender calves as she may try and steal the calf from Lavender. I had thought of this as well as Judith having mentioned it on the phone this afternoon. Will have to make sure that mum and bub are separate for a day or two to ensure that they bond properly.

Anyway I am off to get some early shuteye as I have not been well for the last week. Tomorrow I find out when my operation on my hand will now take place. Hope it is sooner rather than later...

Cheers Damaris

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