Monday, August 3, 2009

Jumpers and Jazz, Warwick...

Top: Set up at the Maryvale School of Arts Hall;
Bottom: Some of the Craft Ladies with the decorated tree.

Every year in the last two weeks of July there is a festival in Warwick that is called "Jumpers and Jazz". Lots of Jazz is played, buskers are found everywhere and lots of the city trees get decorated each year. There are usually over 200 entries and there are prizes to be won as well for the best dressed ones.
It is wonderful to see business, community groups and schools to come into town and decorate the trees. Above are pictures of the one that the Craft Ladies did this year from the Maryvale School of Arts. It is a wonderful creation. Lots of frogs. They also had them up in the tree branches as well. Alot of hard work and dedication goes into these creations and you can see the hard work in the end result.
Each year it is a race to see what can be made up and some really far out there projects end up being created. Anything your imagination can think of, it will probably be there...
Can't wait to see what the Craft Ladies come up with next year...
Cheers Damaris

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