Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goose is sitting, not on golden eggs though...

Daisy in the middle of producing another egg. Never seen that before...

For the last three days Daisy has been sitting on her eggs. Day before yesterday she added to that collection so currently she is sitting on three eggs. They will take about 28 days before they all hopefully will hatch safe and well.

This is the crunch time for her really. Last year she had been sitting on three eggs and one was born with its stomach outside its body. Off course it died very soon after coming out of the shell. The second one was born with splayed legs. Couldn't move so we had it in the house for a couple of weeks. It was not good to see. The gosling was not doing too bad. Able to move a little to get to food and water but once I put it out with mum and dad again, within hours a crow got it and had it for lunch... The last one didn't hatch.

Apparently when they hatch with things wrong with them such as the splayed legs, it indicates that the goose was not on the eggs properly. I realise that the gander is a reproducer so he can stay but unfortunately if Daisy's eggs don't hatch properly this time she is going to end up as roast and we get another Daisy... Boys are fine with that and understand why I would be doing that.

So the defensiveness game begins. They continually hiss at anyone or anything that gets too close to the house that they are in. It is an old dog house and nice and large for her. I have put cardboard under the nest and then Heaps of wood shavings on top. She is making a good nest so far so here is hoping that all goes well. We will see in a month I guess.

Cheers Damaris

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