Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best porridge...

This morning's Porridge... :)

I know I am very biased at the moment. All new this Thermomix business. But Bimby is fitting in very well into our little family.

Yesterday I made beautiful Buttermilk bread. Don't tell Russell. Think he wanted to do that recipe first as he had been the one to buy the Buttermilk in the first place. :) I made pikelets as well which went down a treat.

This morning Joshua asked for Porridge. Not one to shy from trying something new I got out the book, saw that it was failsafe and went for it. The end result was two servings of the most beautiful porridge I have ever tasted. So creamy as made just on A2 milk. He put Golden syrup on his and I put sugar on mine. How devine...

I can just imagine making this in the dead of winter when there is ice on the ground outside and just wanting to dive into it. :) What I love most though is that I put the ingredients into Bimby and had 8 minutes to do something else. I went outside and fed the chooks. As I was coming back to the house Joshua told me that it was done and beeping... How cool is that? No more standing at the stove.

Another thing I love is that even when we baked up a storm on Sunday making about 12 different recipes, that there was hardly any dishes in the sink all day long. Couple of spoons, one measuring cup. That sort of thing only. And I thought at first that it would be a pain to wash Bimby all the time but you don't really. It is just so easy. Wish I had of found it years ago... Well I knew about it about a year ago but wasn't game to even ask Russell about it due to the expense.

Best thing we have bought in a VERY long time...

Cheers Damaris

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