Sunday, April 11, 2010

Timothy shines at the Warwick Show...

Timothy waiting for his number to be called. (21)

Timothy (second sheet from right) judging sheep...

No not literally... :) Last Friday and Saturday, Timothy was apart of the Warwick SHS team for the Sheep Pavilion. He had an absolute ball.

Friday he had to judge good and bad points of four Ewes. He had two minutes to look over, touch etc four girls and then put them in order of favourite to least favourite. No he didn't get any ribbons but then again he was the only one that had his first go and there were 52 students all up... We ended up leaving at just before 9pm and got home rather late. Straight to bed for both of us.

He had a ball doing it thought, did I say that already??? I was very proud of him and tried to suss out for him what he would have to do in advance. One thing about Aspy kids, they don't like to have things just thrown at them. New situations freaks them out, Timothy anyway. So when I got there I asked as many people as possible what would be happening. Then I would relay that to Timothy in a really simply termed way for him so that he could understand. Most of the time though he just wanted to touch and play with the sheep. He was in heaven. He loves the animals so much.

Saturday morning was an early start. I got him up at 5:15am and we were gone by 5:30am. Got to the showgrounds at 6am and were let in for free which was lovely. He got to the Cattle Pavilion as that was were they were having breakfast as a whole team. He could have had breakfast at home but then he would have missed that whole team experience and I wanted him to have that as much as possible. Breakfast was not quite ready when we got there so instead he started filling up buckets with feed for the cattle for Ms Cox, his Agricultural teacher. He was happy to be left and knew he could as a teacher what he should be doing next.

He lead sheep that morning, twice. They didn't do what he wanted. He had no previous experience but gave it a go. He was sad that he didn't have the experience as others that were in Year 9 got ribbons and he didn't. They were ribbons for the sheep though not the handlers. Was hard for him to understand that one as he couldn't see that.

I picked him up at 1pm as previously agreed. The lady at the gate again let me in without having to pay as I was only there to just pick up Timothy and there I met a boy that was seasoned... :) He had dirty jeans, from working hard and a huge smile on his face. He was very tired as he had not sat down all morning and was definitely ready to go home.

Once home I made sure he quickly had a shower as trust me, he stank... all those lovely animal smells. Oh what a weekend it has been for him. His teachers all thought he did great and even some of the kids were very encouraging... I hope he can keep going to Ag as he really loves it. At the SHS they only do it for one term though in Year 8, not that I have told him that yet... That will come. Tomorrow maybe. Must do it before he gets his new timetable or he will freak out. Don't want that...

Cheers Damaris

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