Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now what??? Chook food indeed...

Don't ask how he got it home... :)

Timothy came home really excited yesterday. He bought out a heap of veggies that he had harvested at school and wanted to show me them. They were mostly white zucchinis. He had worked hard at maintaining them and loved to take whatever he could home.

He shares mostly though as there are way too many veggies for our little family of four. When he brought them home I thought straight away: "What am I going to do with them???" We are not able to eat them as we are on the Elimination Diet. This means that we would have to let it go bad. Most of them were too big to give away as they would not have any flavour in them either.

In the end I made sure I gave lots and lots of praise but this morning once Timothy had left for school I did chop it all up and fed it to the chooks. You should have seen them and the ducks. They loved it all and did not leave anything behind. :)

Apparently they are growing watermelon at the moment... We are not able to eat that one either. Oh well, we will see how we go by the time they are ripe. We could use one as a challenge I guess. :)

Cheers Damaris

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