Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Technology Antics...

Bailey and Nova are very loved...

Gummy and Sunny all over Joshua.

Sunny trying to get some sleep :)

My boys have over the last year become rather resourceful when it comes to playing and doing things that don't include technology. Just what I am wanting to achieve. They are playing really nicely together more often than not as well.

Yesterday morning Timothy and I got up and before I had even gotten out of my bed Joshua told me the list of things he had done already... They were:

Made his bed, turned his night light off, made Timothy's bed (yes he had a nightmare and was in mine again), turned off Timothy's night light, let the dogs out and fed them, let the chooks and ducks out, shut the cockatiel up when he started making too much noise so not to wake me up... How excellent was that. All on his own without being asked. I told him a couple of times during the day how proud I was of him... He seemed to appreciate it. :)

Then later they took out Gummy and Sunny. That was nice. Gummy has all his flying feathers so kept bumping into windows... He was not learning. Sunny couldn't as hers were clipped but she was content to sleep on any one's shoulder. :)

All in all with all the riding around on bikes and friends that visited it was a most wonderful way to spend Pupil Free Day, our last day of the holidays.

Cheers Damaris

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