Friday, April 16, 2010


Lizard visiting... now free :)

There I was going outside to feed some scraps to the chooks and ducks... I got the fright of my life as I went to go for the door handle when I saw this huge lizard. Have not seen a pretty one like that one so close in a while. You could see its heart beating and it was dashing from here to there... He got in from the bottom of the screen door as we have a hole in it from when mice chewed through it the first year we were here. Was a bit of a plague. They never got inside the house but they sure tried.

I tried to get it to go out by opening the screen door as I had the dogs inside. If there would have gotten ahold of it they would have eaten it...

It kept going down the screen so I quickly got the dogs to go in the laundry. Bribed them with food. hehe. Then I left the lizard under my painting table to settle. Joshua got home half an hour later and caught it. He let it go outside somewhere safe, thank goodness... a life saved. lol

Cheers Damaris

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