Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loot here one day, gone the next...

Love our candles...

Timothy loved this shop. It was in Warwick for a while and I loved to visit in there. There were always lovely little trinkets to get. Especially for Timothy. If I was out shopping and could not find him, I always knew to look in there and he would be there alright. He loved to see what they had changed in the shop from the last time that he had visited... Strange for a boy that hates change.

He also loved feeling the silky pillows. They were the best... Well this shop has closed. It closed about a month ago now and he still misses it. At the end of their huge sale that they were having I got a whole box of candles which is a nice memory. Problem is they are nearly all gone. They never last as long as I want them to. :) We use them most nights during the week and I don't use my night light really anymore. Only to chase a mozzie... I always use candles these days... So much more peaceful I find.

When we went to the beach during the holidays we did go to Pacific Fair as I mentioned before. Well while there we visited their Loot store and it was huge. Allot bigger than what we ever had and you should have seen Timothy. He was in heaven. He went back to it three times. He loved seeing all that stuff again... Allot of things had been bought there over the two and a bit years that it was in Warwick (with us living here too...)

But we will always have the memories... Or just go to another Loot. There is one in Toowoomba I hear... :)

Cheers Damaris

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