Saturday, July 4, 2009

Audit time...

For a couple of weeks now I have felt the need to take stock of what Russell and I are trying to achieve being out here. We have also been talking about goals and what we hope to achieve within the next few years.

Then I read on one of the blogs that I read daily... An audit is being held. Woohoo!!! Exactly what I had been wanting to do. I signed up for the challenge, needless to say. In addition we are not spending any money at all for the next week starting today.

For all the information you can see Rhonda Jean on

It will explain the concept and principle behind it all. I was very happy to go to shops one last time, just to get some bread as it is cheaper at the moment to buy then make and some fruit. Timothy is back from his three day sleepover at a friend's place so my fruit bowl never lasts very long. Here is hoping it will do for the next week. Especially seeing we still have one week of holidays to go.

So this will be interesting. I am 1/2 hour from town so won't be hard to not spend. I had thought about going to the movies on Tuesday but now will not. We saw Transformers yesterday instead anyway. I was also going to have take away for lunch after that as I then have to attend an ASD Parent Support Group Meeting. That will now be homemade sandwiches at the park I think. There is a big park just in the centre of town so that will keep the boys happy. I will love sitting in the sun as well...

Will let you all know how I go with the rest of the week. I am also tracking my electricity usage for the whole of July and putting it into a Excel Spreadsheet to see where and when we use more power. Will be interesting to see. Is winter also so wonder if that will make a difference??? Time will tell.

Cheers Damaris

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