Friday, July 31, 2009

Plants galore...

Some of my goodies that I got this week...

So guess who had a visit from Garden Express??? Yep, I have. A friend of mine and I went halves in a whole bunch of plants. So here is the list of what I ended up with:

10 Strawberry plants;

3 Thornless Loganberry canes;

3 Redcurrent canes;

3 Thornless Blackberry canes;

3 Raspberry canes;

3 Blackberry canes; and

3 Boysenberry canes.

The strawberries will be going into the ground in the morning. Have not had time as yet to get them in the ground. Been rather busy with work. The canes will be going in over the weekend. Have to still fix the fence for the chookhouse area as well. Busy weekend lined up.

I am rather looking forward to the canes setting fruit in another year or two. There will be lots of jam made that's for sure...
Cheers Damaris

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