Sunday, July 26, 2009

Frost and more frost...

My poor Brad (my car, named after Brad Pitt off course :))

Days like we have had the last few weeks, I am rather glad that our house has excellent insulation. We have it in the roof as well as the walls. Our windows are tinted and covered. Trust me the chimneys around here have been working overtime for many weeks before we light ours the first time.
One morning last week, Wednesday I believe I went to take the boys to school and there was the windscreen still all covered in frost at nearly 9am. Looking over the valley from where I stood you could see the white carpet of frost. I loved seeing that. Reminded me of early snow in Austria. Not nice for the majority of plants though. I lots a few tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkin plants these last few weeks. I will see how new ones go under light sheets as I really want to get some out growing.

During the day it does get really lovely and warm but at night it is rather chilly right now, especially if we have our wind which doesn't really ever die down up here on the hill. Small price to pay I think considering we have it allot cooler instead. Great for summer time as well. Have the heat but not the humidity and the air is not stagnant.

Anyway off to plant and water some seedlings I got from Bunnings yesterday. Russell sent me for wire for the chook fence so could not help looking out where the plants are... Then I have to refresh the water for the animals and milk Lorray before I am off to see P!NK tonight. Am rather excited and dreamt about her all night. Can't wait to share my piccies!!!!

Cheers Damaris

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