Friday, July 17, 2009

Double Helix Science Club Adventures...

Attention everyone...

During the holidays, Timothy, Joshua and I (along with one of their friends) spent the whole day doing lovely experiments. It went for a total of seven hours with two hours for lunch and one hour for afternoon tea.

It was a great day for the three boys. We made clean water dirty, then separated it again through homemade filters and tried to get clean water again. We investigated under the microscope all sorts of bugs. We also counted our family's carbon footprint and did stuff with solar panels. So all in all it was very, very interesting.

The best bit was separating DNA. The boys and I were very intrigued to see if they would use our own blood. No that didn't happen... We used bananas and mandarins instead. We squished and mangled and added some powders and then sifted until we got the DNA. It was very interesting and the boys got to take theirs home in a little test tube with lid. It was fantastic...

This club is normally run by the Science Club in Indooroopilly but one local mum took it upon herself to be taught how to do the experiments and bring them all to Warwick. We had a fantastic day and ended up having picnic lunch and plays in the local park. At the end of the day, all boys, including me, were all rather tired and went to sleep easily that night.

Can't wait for the next holidays when we do it all again. Hopefully we blow up stuff next time. No not really, just building volcanoes, etc. Best bit was it was all free as well. The whole day didn't cost us a thing. Thank you very much again for all your hard work Clare.

Cheers Damaris

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