Friday, July 24, 2009

Climate Smart Home Service, Qld Government

My new gadget... love it!

Had Daniel the electrician out here from Warwick last Monday... He brought with his a few presents. I was so excited to see him turn up at 7.15am. He stayed for about one hour and asked Russell and I allot of questions in order for him to ascertain where he could help us save more energy and in turn also money. My last Electricity bill was $233.10. I really wanted that lower.

He ended up giving us 10 globes for the lights, a thermometer to put on the fridge for inside temperature measurement, a new shower head and also my favourite gadget of all time... a brand new wireless Energy Monitor. It tells you your total energy consumption, greenhouse gas omission, your cost. This can be seen by the hour, day, week and even this quarter. Great way to straight away compare your daily usage to see what differences there might be. There is an alarm you can set as well. We have set ours for 10kWh so if at any one time we go over that we have the alarm go off. I love walking around the place seeing what takes what power. Very, very interesting...

I already do a daily reading of our electricity usage. Was doing it a few days this week but since 1 July 2009 have been doing this every day. I wanted to see exactly where our up and down usage days were. Will monitor for one year at this point and see how I go... Part of the routine now. When I go out to give the cows lucerne, then I take the reading beforehand.

Unfortunately the electrician's own power bill last quarter was over $500 so there was not much that he could help us with. I was wanting to help him actually but thought I had best not. lol

I can honestly say that I am really happy with this service. Daniel did a great job. He was very generous with products as well as information. I would not hesitate in recommending this wonderful service. All it cost was $50 out of my pocket money. It was SO worth it.

If you want to check out the website here it is:

You can book the visit online. It is so simple... You would be mad not to use it... Now to keep my bill under $200... with the recent price rise for electricity I doubt it. But I will not stop trying. I think people that know me personally know that one! lol

Cheers Damaris

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