Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Help, I am getting attached...

What a little cutie?

Nearly two weeks ago, I had a splurge on chooks. I went to the Pig and Calf Auctions in Warwick and went nuts, literally... But it was all my own pocket money so that makes it sort of alright... Just don't ask Russell... :)

Well two of them were meat chickens that the Warwick SHS kids had raised so was doing a good deed and got a couple of them. Male and Female. The male took to me immediately...

Whenever I am out there with the hose, he tries and gets some water. He is forever walking all over my feet and loves having a talk to me as well. So cute. So now I am falling for the little guy. He is only 10 weeks old and is for sure going into the freezer but... HE IS SOOOOO CUTE.

I need to distance myself. Have not named him for that reason but you know... He is just soooo cute. :)

Cheers Damaris

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