Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guinea Pigs galore...

Joshua's Guinea Pig wanting some lucerne more than being bothered by the dogs...

Guess what the dogs are looking at and wanting to EAT!!! Yep you got it, Guinea Pigs. We are looking after them for a friend at the moment. There are eight of them. One boy and the rest are girls. Most are pregnant. They have been given to us now along with a cage.

Previously we had some from a pet shop and they all died from scurvy, diagnosed by our lovely Vet. I told her what we were doing and how we were looking after them, their housing, everything. I was told on a number of occasions that I had done everything right. More so than normal. All came down to bad stock and that particular pet shop. Will never buy any from there again.

I am rather determined that this lot will not come to the same end. To this end I have decided to only keep four of them. One for each member of the family. We have a double storey house for them inside for during the night and the cage for during the day, out of the dogs reach off course.
The cows are rather interested in them as they also get the lucerne hay and the piggies love that also. They just can't quite figure out how to get into that cage to get at the food. Keep trying, you ain't getting them. :)

I hope that seeing this lot of guinea pigs are from good stock that they will be ok. We love them all to bits but will try and get the other four adopted out locally if possible. I was going to take them to the pet shop but can't bear to think of what might happen to the little darlings.

Hopefully we will be able to see some births as well... That would be great. Boys have already seen the calf, chicks, goslings and ducklings. Just another one to add to our list. Can't wait...

Cheers Damaris

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