Monday, July 13, 2009

Culprit found... You are in TROUBLE now Lavender...

You are busted, Lavender...

Went out to say goodbye to Russell at 4am this morning and saw that my huge planter that I have by the front door had been knocked over. It was broken into two huge pieces. Then around the back this morning I find that my MIL's Tongue had been eaten and plants ripped out of their pot. Some others had been attached or ripped straight out of the ground. Nearly all of my Moses in a basket plants that were gifts from a friend, were uprooted.

Quickly I tried to fix what I could. Boy did Lavender get a talking to... When Russell, the boys and I went for our walk yesterday we looked back at the house at one stage and realised that Lavender had gotten into our fenced area around the house. I was silly, had left it open for the chooks to get some of the grass that was green and she had gotten in as well. Well didn't she have a plate full of stuff she is not supposed to. So much for it being safe. My own fault really.

When we got back I didn't even see the pot on it's side as it was half way under the trampoline. I didn't even think to check around the back either. Was doing other things for the rest of the day and got one heck of a shock early this morning, that's for sure.

Well no more chookies in my yard for now. Plants need to recover and so do I. I need to pot up my plant from the broken pot this morning though.

I realise that it is No Technology Monday, but had to rant. Sorry... Will get off now. :)

Cheers Damaris

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