Thursday, July 30, 2009


What an excellent night...

Went to see P!NK in concert last Sunday Night... What an awesome night it was. There was seven of us altogether. Four that were staying the night at the Medina in Brisbane checked in and took in the sights overlooking the Story Bridge and Brisbane River. We got there about 2pm.

At 5:45pm our chauffeur driven Limousine arrived and we were taken on a sight seeing adventure of Brisbane while downing two bottles of Champagne, not allot for seven people but we had a ball. One of the girls even waved to the 'little people' as we drove straight into the VIP drop off point at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

I got my souvenir which was a program. Has allot of fantastic pictures in it and also all the costumes that she would later wear on stage...

We got inside and there were about 40000 people altogether. The atmosphere was electric and she was true to form and performed her little heart out. We all agreed that it was a fantastic night. She even came back three times.

When it finished we were again picked up by Limousine and were taken on another tour and then dropped off at the front door of our hotel. Couple of drinks later I was ready for bed as I was driving four of us home the next day. Late checkout off course, 11:30am and had lunch at DFO Coffee Club. Had a ball. What else can I say. She was truly awesome and an experience I will never forget. Could have gone again the next night as well. haha

Cheers Damaris

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