Saturday, July 18, 2009

Early Days...

With our Family Plan now organised and worked out as well as through, Russell and I are looking at ordering our Cubby house for the boys this weekend. He has time off work till Wednesday morning this week as it is his Birthday on Tuesday. Glad to have him home for it but would have taken the boys down to Brisbane after school to see their dad for his birthday if I had to.
Another thing that we did today was move our spare doggy house to the chook area so that I could relocate all the goose' eggs into one area. She laid two in the dirt near where we have put all three so hope that she finds them and starts sitting soon. Chucky is rather aggressive at the moment so want it all over and done with. Love it though when he fluffs up his feathers.
This weekend we are also using the star pickets that we got from Bunnings today to ensure we properly fence all our small shade trees. We will shortly be getting an electric fence charger with more kick so that the calf stays out from the orchard as well.
Busy weekend ahead for us as Russell is also having his tax done on Monday and we have our Queensland Government Climatesmart Home Survey done. Cost is $50 and you even get a monitor with it. Can't wait to see what is chewing our power and then make steps to replace with something more environmental and economical.
We are getting there slowly and are working hard to ensure that we are ready for spring. In August we are supposed to get our solar electricity as well which I am soooo looking forward to.
Cheers Damaris

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