Saturday, July 11, 2009

Timothy's treasures...

Some of Timothy's rocks...

When Timothy was young he was always fixated on something. Something that he could be interested in for a long time. This could be Lego or Magnetix. Didn't matter, if he was interested in it it held his attention span for a long time. Also if you talked to him, it was all he talked about. He was not interested in the conversation that you were trying to have with him. Very ASD I am afraid. Didn't make it easy for him to build relationships with other kids, let alone his brother.

One thing that he has been interested in for years now are rocks and gems. Rocks of all kind but especially ones that are really shiny. With fool's gold in them or tin. He loves them. He loves the slithers of rock from Thunder Eggs especially.

He has a huge collection of all sorts and loves to put them in rows and study them. He has many books on the subject and loves to tell anyone that will or will not listen about them. I am so glad that he has such an interest in this subject. For years he has been wanting to turn 12 so that he can get into the Warwick Lapidary Club.

In February this year he turned 12 and that is exactly the first thing after his Birthday that we did. We joined the club. Since then we have gone every two weeks after school (except while his broken arm was healing, off course). It is on on a Wednesday at their club house. He enjoys it so much and loves to tell everyone about his adventures there. He loves to spread the knowledge that he has gained and is very thankful to the lovely people that have shown him all he knows.
I hope that this little obsession continues though as he is really good at all he has tried so far. He is very good at it and his teachers have told him on various occasions how quick he is to pick up new skills. Now if only he was a little more patient and didn't want everything done all at once... Yes we are working on that. Slow process though. lol

Cheers Damaris

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